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Sad news about our pig....


We are sad to report that our beloved pig, Cutie Pie, passed away on February 12. 


Cutie had been slowing down in the past year, finding it more and more difficult to get around.  She weighed almost 1,000 pounds, which is large even for Yorkshire pigs.  As the winter went along, she was less and less able to stand to eat and drink.  In the last week of her life, she was unable to get up and had lost interest in food (except bananas!).  Bob spent time giving her water each day and making sure she had shelter and warmth.  She spent most of the last few days of her life sleeping, until she finally died.  She had just turned 7.


We picked up Cutie (and her brother, Truffles) from a farm outside Boston in 2008 when they were 2 months old.  They very quickly became the main attraction for farm visitors.  Truffles was sold to a local farmer but Cutie Pie stayed on as our farm pet.  We had hoped to breed her so she could raise her own piglets.  Our hopes were high during what turned out to be a false pregnancy; but, she never actually became pregnant.


Cutie Pie had many admirers - neighbors, CSA members, out-of-town visitors, and many people who had only heard of Cutie but had never met her.  Our pig had her very own social network!  On the one hand, it is difficult to understand so much admiration and love for a creature so large, with such an unforgettable scent, who would reward visitors with a very visible bathroom break, and eat without any regard for manners.  But, loved she was! 


Perhaps Cutie was so lovable because of her size - it was an awesome experience to be so close to such a large animal, particularly for small children.  Or, maybe it was her curiosity - she was often eager to see what the fuss was and why so many people were visiting.  Maybe it was her gentleness - she ate out of our hands, she never harmed the chickens who flocked around her, and she once protected a litter of kittens near her fence, hidden there by a wise feral cat who must have known that a gentle watch-pig lived nearby.  Maybe it was because she seemed to understand that, when families would come and sit to watch her or feed her or talk to her, she was offering them a quiet and safe space to just be.


Our family is very sad that Cutie is gone.  She was the seam that connected our farm to the community - such a visible, classic symbol of a real, working farm.  We will miss her, but we have many pictures and memories to keep her alive in our minds, and we have the wonderful sentiments that others have shared.  They appear below.  If you knew Cutie Pie, these beautiful comments may offer comfort.  If you didn't know her, you will wish you had!


So long, Cutie Pie!  Rest in peace!

What I will miss most about Cutie Pie is the way she would greet you whenever you walked into the pen. And, as Dad says, she was very responsive when he calls her for food or gives her a pat.


She was very sweet.


And when she tilted her snout up to look at you, she looked like she was smiling.


She lived the very best life a pig could live.


~ McKenzie

Cutie Pie Reflections.....

Of the many animals and crops we learned about and saw during our visit to the farm, Cutie Pie stood out as special and made the most memorable impression. We know you miss her. We will always remember her.


~ Love, Amy, Michael and Richard

My grandchildren, other family members and many guests loved to visit Cutie Pie and the farm rabbit, Charlotte. Until she had difficulty getting around, she was very friendly and would come to greet me and visitors. I am wearing my Cutie Pie pin as I write this. She will not be forgotten. We love you Cutie Pie.


~ Merry

We always loved reading about Cutie Pie in the Christmas letter. It was wonderful to finally meet her after to so many years of reading about her wonderful adventures. We were very sad to hear of her passing. Rest in peace, Cutie Pie!


~ The Aisensons

I loved bringing my kids' college friends to see Cutie Pie. Something completely different from what one finds on a campus! She will be missed.


~ Sue

So sorry to hear about cutie pie. I loved walking up and saying "Hi pig-pig" to her. And she always seem to respond with a couple of grunts that sounded a lot like "man-man"!!


~ Scott

We are so sad about Cutie Pie. I can't even guess how many of our friends and family she entertained over her short life. I know some children and a small black dog who will miss her dearly. We will miss her, too.


~ Carole and Rick

So sad; I remember cutie pie well. There was a certain calm and elegance she had --- lots of soul ---


~ Barb

We are so sorry to hear about Cutie Pie. We did have the pleasure of meeting Cutie Pie and she and our visit to Small Ones Farm will always be a beautiful memory for us. You are all in our thoughts.


~ Annie, Aramis, Papo

I was definitively one of her many many fans. just knowing she was about, even if she didn't always grace me with her presence. she will be missed.


~ Alisa

I wish I knew Cutie Pie...she sounded like, well, A Cutie!!  


~ Ken

Cutie pie will indeed be missed--we always liked to say hi to her at our visits and enjoyed knowing she was there happy in her wallow.  Thx for letting us all know a pig who actually died of old age


~ The Atkinsons

So sad to hear of her passing. We will miss seeing her during our visits to the farm. She was such a gentle soul!


~ Rebecca, Nathan and Owen

I enjoyed seeing her at the farm and was always disappointed when she was not outside  in her mud.  She will be missed.

~ Patrice

She was definitely a part of your family and very much loved by all.


~ Carmela and Russ

Oh this is such sad news!  From the time they were three years old my twins would love to drive past the farm and would yell out "big pig!!" every time they saw Cutie Pie. I would smile every day that I saw her when I drove to work. She was loved by many.


~ Lauren and Mike

...We will definitely miss seeing her on Saturdays in the fall at our share pick up!


~ Mary

Oh, dear. She was, indeed, a Cutie Pie, and a pig with real personality. So sorry.


~ Mo

Very sad. She was quite a pig!


~ Katy

We will miss Cutie Pie! She was a gentle soul who warmed the hearts of many.


~ Becky and Craig

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