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The farm's recent past

We - Bob and Sally Fitz - purchased the farm property that was Small Ones Farm's location in 2004, but our search for a farm had been underway for over 15 years. Bob spent summers on a farm in the Midwest as a boy, and for most of his adult life, he dreamed of recreating that idyllic experience by owning a farm. After searching throughout the Northeast, we finally decided in 2002 that Western Massachusetts held out the best hope for finding the dream farm. And in 2004, the dream came true!

From 2004 to early 2022, our family-owned farm used natural, earth-friendly and people-friendly farming techniques (no synthetic chemicals) to grow tree fruit, berries, pumpkins and garlic.  In 2022, the farm property was sold to the next stewards of this beautiful land.


What's next for "Small Ones Farm?"

​The name "Small Ones Farm" was based on our vision of creating a place for children to be nourished – in body and mind – by using natural growing practices and by offering family-based and community programs.

Small Ones Farm is not actively growing food at present, but we don't think we're done supporting natural growing techniques and helping young people connect with the earth.  Stay tuned for what's next as we consider ways to support our vision.

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