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People love fruit and so do insects, fungi, and other living organisms. In order to grow mature, delicious and (mostly) aesthetically pleasing fruit, we need to keep bugs and disease at bay. This is a monumental challenge when using growing processes and materials that are earth- and people-friendly.

As a Certified Naturally Grown farm, we use insect traps and USDA approved organic substances to manage pests, and we implement land management practices that enhance – rather than deplete – the soil for future growing.

Check out our crops and products below!

What we grow....

Apples, Peaches, Pears and Asian Pears

We grow over 50 varieties of apples, including a cultivar that is unique to Small Ones Farm ("Art's Favorite").  Our apples are delicious for eating, baking, and pressing.   

Our peaches and pears are also amazingly delicious.  Our Asian pears have coarse skin and crunchy, juicy flesh.  We also grow An'jou and Bartlett pears.  And, some years, our Shiro plums come through. 


Our tree fruit is available via our CSA and our farm stand.  Look for updates on our website and Facebook page for what's available today.


Our apple, berry and pumpkin pies are well known.  Using our fruit and ingredients you'd find in your own kitchen, David Nunnikhoven of Grandma Miller's makes our amazing pies. 

Our pies are unbaked and frozen, so you can keep them until you need a fresh baked pie. 

And, our pies happen to be VEGAN! 

You can purchase our pies by visiting our farm stand, or by contacting us directly.  Our pies have been used to raise thousands of dollars for civic organizations.  Check out the details here.


There is nothing like a bright orange pumpkin to dress up any windowsill or front porch.  Our pumpkins decorate our farm stand each year (you can purchase them there starting in September). 

Our sugar pumpkins are used in our pumpkin pies, which have received rave reviews.  As one happy customer reports, "We ate it with awe."


Our raspberries grow through the summer and into the fall.  We have over 500 row-feet in production, most of which is grown using our high tunnel.  Some of our raspberries end up in our delicious raspberry pies.  But, most of our berries end up eaten right out of the pint box.  Check out our farm stand page to see if we've got any out there for sale.  Yum!

You'll find our blueberries on our farm stand, starting in July.  And, beginning in summer, 2022, we will offer blackberries!

Apple Cider and Apple Cider Vinegar

We press our naturally grown apples into delicious, unpasteurized apple cider.  Customers come from far away to enjoy this delicious, fall treat.

We set aside some of our pressed cider and allow it to ferment until it becomes apple cider vinegar.  Many of our customers use our apple cider vinegar for health reasons, others use it for cooking and salads.  And, a hearty few just drink it right out of the bottle.  Buy some from our farm stand and see what all the fuss is about.

Cider becomes available in late September; cider vinegar is available throughout the season while supplies last.


Our table grapes are beautiful and so flavorful that it is difficult to believe so much taste is jammed in such a small space.

Our grapes are available in August at our farm stand.  Check out our farm stand page for updates.


Fresh garlic is so robust and flavorful, you'll want to add it to everything you eat!  You can find our garlic at our farm stand in September.

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